Captain Dennis Adventure Boat Tours

For all persons interested in a fantastic sea experience.

I am Captain Dennis, I was born and raised in Treasure Beach. Treasure Beach is known as a fishing village and growing up as a young man, I chose to be a fisherman. I’ve been operating boats for over 20 years.  Treasure Beach has grown into a visitor’s destination and in 1994 I became a boat tour operator.  Come along with me to see one of the most beautiful, unspoiled and undeveloped coast lines whilst having an opportunity to see dolphins as we go by.

I now offer three main tours:

Pelican Bar: Leave from Treasure Beach and enjoy an approximately 30 minute boat ride along the mostly undeveloped coastline arriving at Pelican Bar.  Voted as one of the 10 most unusual bars in the world Pelican Bar is located on a sand bar in the middle of the sea.  Enjoy a cold drink, swim and snorkel in the shallow waters around the bar, visit the souvenir shop, and get your name carved into the bar.

The Black River Boat Ride:  Once again leave from Treasure Beach and ride along the South Coast where you reach the mouth of the Black River, the longest river in Jamaica.  This tour continues to take you up the Black River where crocodiles can be seen basking in the sun, and mangrove trees filled with a variety of birds line the shores along with reeds and ferns.  Stop at Miss Lou’s and enjoy fresh crab caught right there served to you in a crab’s back.  On your way back to Treasure Beach you will stop at the famous Pelican Bar.  This trip is minimum of 3 hours.

Private Beach Picnic:  Book a day for a fabulous beach picnic!  We start the day by taking you to the famous Pelican Bar, then on to a secluded beach where the only footprints in the sand will be your own.  Relax and enjoy the beach, swim, snorkel (weather permitting), play frisbee or enjoy a game of dominoes all while we are preparing your lunch over an open fire.  The menu includes grilled lobster, crab served on a grape leaf, steamed fish, vegetables and rice.  Special diets can be accommodated upon request.  Beverages include Red Stripe beer, rum punch, water, Appleton rum and Coke.   Reservations for this trip required.

It will be my pleasure to share these adventures with you!

TOURS INCLUDE Pick up at your accommodation.  Guided tour.
WHAT TO BRING Sun screen and/or something to protect yourself from the sun.  Expect to get wet so please let the captain know if you need to protect your camera or phone.  Snorkel gear available for rent.  Please ask in advance.
CONDITIONS The ride back will be bumpy.  Please let the captain know if you suffer from any back or neck pain and he will position you in the boat accordingly.
IDEAL CUSTOMER For all curious persons interested in a fantastic sea experience.
  • Black River Tour: $150 for 1-2 persons, $60 each for 3 persons, $55 each for 4 persons, $50 each for 6 persons and $45 each for 8-10 persons. Larger groups can be accommodated.
  • Pelican Bar Tour: $90 for 1 – 2 persons, $50 each for 3 persons, $45 each for 4 persons and $40 each for 6 persons, $35 each for 8 – 10 persons. Larger groups can be accommodated.
  • Beach Picnic: $260 US for 2 persons, $115 each for 3 persons, $110 each for 4 – 5 persons, $105 each for 6 – 7 persons, $95 US for 8 – 10 persons.  Price includes boat ride and food & beverages on the beach. Larger groups can be accommodated.
BOOKING 24 hour advance notice preferred for Pelican Bar and Black River Boat Tour.  Advanced reservations required for Beach Picnic.

Contact us here for more information or to make your reservation.