Mr. Nice Guy Boat Tours and Fishing Excursions

Enjoy a true Treasure Beach experience you will not forget!

Bebe Sutherland otherwise known as “Mister Nice Guy” was born and raised right across the road from the beach in Treasure Beach.  The sea waters run through his veins as he follows a long line of fisherfolk in his family.  Check out the below tours he offers.

Voted as one of the 10 most unusual bars in the world Pelican Bar is located on a sandbar in the middle of the sea. Enjoy a cold drink, swim and snorkel in the shallow waters around the bar, visit the souvenir shop, and get your name carved into the bar.

One of our personal favorites is taking a ride up the Black River, the longest river in Jamaica. Cruise through the mangrove trees sighting loads of birds and looking out for the crocodiles. Duck under the low bridge and ride up to Rudy’s bar where you can swim in the cool waters, swing on the rope swing hanging from a tree branch and plunge into the river. Stop at Miss Lou’s on your way back and enjoy fresh crab caught right there and served to you in the crab’s back.  On your way back stop at the famous Pelican Bar for a cool Red Stripe!

Have Bebe take you out on a fishing excursion in his authentic fishing canoe. Jackfish, kingfish, mahi mahi, bonita and much more are out in those waters just waiting for your bait!

The Little Ochie trip will take you along the shoreline at the base of the Santa Cruz Mountains and below Lover’s Leap to the fabulous seafood restaurant Little Ochie located in Alligator Pond. The views along the way are breathtaking and the food once you arrive is mouthwatering!

Sunny Island is literally a sandbar located off the coastline offering great snorkeling opportunities.  Check out the colorful reefs and a variety of fish.

Take a short cruise along the coastline of Treasure Beach from Great Bay to Ft. Charles and pick out which spot you want to stay next year!

TOURS INCLUDE Meet at Frenchman’s Beach or pick up at your accommodation.  Guided tour.
WHAT TO BRING Sun screen and/or something to protect yourself from the sun.  Expect to get wet so please let the captain know if you need to protect your camera or phone.  Snorkel gear available for rent.  Please ask in advance.
CONDITIONS The ride back will be bumpy.  Please let the captain know if you suffer from any back or neck pain and he will position you in the boat accordingly.
IDEAL CUSTOMER For all curious persons interested in a fantastic sea experience.
  • Black River, Sunny Island  or Little OchieTour: $150 for 1-2 persons, $60 each for 3 persons, $55 each for 4 persons, $50 each for 6 persons and $45 each for 8-10 persons. Larger groups can be accommodated.
  • Pelican Bar Tour: $90 for 1 – 2 persons, $50 each for 3 persons, $45 each for 4 persons and $40 each for 6 persons, $35 each for 8 – 10 persons. Larger groups can be accommodated.
  • Fishing Excursion: $100 US for the 1st hour and $60 US for each additional hour.  Poles and gear provided and you get to keep the fish!
BOOKING 24 hour advance notice preferred.

Contact us here for more information or to make your reservation.