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Latest Past Events

Calabash International Literary Festival

Calabash Bay

They're back on for 2023! Please join them May 26-28. The Calabash International Literary Festival … when a humble thatch-covered stage overlooking the Caribbean sea becomes the epicenter of the […]

Treasure Beach Kite Festival

Breads Treasure Beach Sports Park Calabash Bay, Treasure Beach

Come on out Easter Monday April 10, 2023 for the Treasure Beach kite festival being help at the Breds Treasure Beach Sports park. Gates open at 10am

We like to feature area organizations working towards strengthening the backbone of the community through education, environmental awareness, neighborhood projects, etc.

We are confident that by giving them Internet exposure these groups can benefit from others’ knowledge, experience, and generosity.


Breds, Treasure Beach Foundation

Breds, The Treasure Beach Foundation was established as a nonprofit organization in 1998 by Peace Corps volunteer Aaron Laufer and hotelier Jason Henzell. The organization was started with the purpose of addressing the specific needs within Treasure Beach, while also providing a mutually beneficial connection between the tourism sector and the community–a relationship that in many ways has come to define Treasure Beach.

With over a decade’s worth of service to the community of Treasure Beach, Breds now looks to continue its fundraising beyond the regional tourism base, and has turned to social enterprise organizations, foundations and development institutions to assist Breds in creating a long term sustainability plan for the community.

Contact Info:

[email protected]


The Treasure Beach Women’s Group

In the rural village of Treasure Beach, women are the backbone of the community.  They are heads of households and are the driving force behind improving the quality of life in Treasure Beach for everyone – women, men, and children.  In recognition of this TBWG focuses on  the advancement of women, but knows that a strong and healthy community is vital to their well-being.  Therefore, TBWG provides a wide array of services to the greater community.   Services include: Adult literacy classes; the Billy’s Bay Learning Centre education enhancement for at risk youth; annual health clinics – doctors from the US provide health screenings, check-ups, immunizations, dermatology and gynecology services, back to school health check-ups; veterinary clinics; dental clinics; wellness seminars – HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention of domestic violence, diabetes awareness, understanding menopause, etc.   TBWG accomplishes this through organizing, facilitating and engaging visiting professionals to share their knowledge, skills and services to enhance the health and well-being of the community at large.

Throughout the year, TBWG receives donations of items that are given in gift baskets to the elderly at Christmas.

The TBWG also supports local artists and artisans through the selling their wares in the TBWG’s Treasure Hunt Craft Shop.  Artists receive 80% of the value of the goods sold, with 20% going to support the programs of the TBWG.  Additionally, craft classes are held to teach local women and men skills such as sewing, jewelry making, making TBWG’s signature “Starlight” candle holders  and a range of other crafts.  Items made in the workshops may then be sold in the craft shop, thereby creating a source of income for those who participate.

Contact Info:

[email protected]



Billy's Bay Learning Center

The Billy’s Bay Learning Centre, located in the Billy’s Bay community of Treasure Beach, was created to provide educational opportunities to children whose parents can’t afford to send them to school, or who attend irregularly due to cost, and to provide school readiness activities for younger children to help prepare them for primary school.  A collaborative effort of the Treasure Beach Women’s Group and the Billy’s Bay Gospel Chapel, the Centre holds sessions every Saturday, free of charge to any child in the community who wishes to attend.

The Billy’s Bay Learning Centre is funded solely by donations.  All contributions go directly to program costs- small teacher stipends, snacks and supplies.  Please consider supporting this important program, and help make a difference in the lives of the children in Treasure Beach.  Donations can be made to the Treasure Beach Women’s Group (be sure to stipulate they are for the Billy’s Bay Learning Centre).


– school supplies (i.e.: paper, pencils, rulers, glue, etc.)
– educational aids (i.e.: posters, maps, models, laptops,  etc.)

Contact Info:

Principal: Siseenia Moxam-Nelson

[email protected]


The Greater Treasure Beach Citizens Alert Benevolent Society (GTB)

“Organizing ourselves to help ourselves.” A strong message of self help is embodied in the association’s motto. This is a deliberate effort by the planners to always keep in mind the vital role of self-reliance in the development of the area. It means that the community must look to itself first in finding solutions to its own problems. It is felt that this is the model way for all communities to proceed in tackling their problems.

Started January 10, 1988, the group has undertaken many projects:

– Raised money to purchase scooter for local police station
– Improved water and electrical services in the area
– Put up street signs in the area
– Provided garbage bins for community use
– beach clean-up
– establishing a fisherman’s memorial

Contact Info:

President:  Estella Ebanks

[email protected]


The Billy’s Bay “Youth for Change” Group

The Billy’s Bay “Youth for Change”, is an outreach organization in Billy’s Bay Treasure Beach. We are a close knit district in Billy’s Bay and understand deeply the needs and issues that arise in our community and we aim to address the issues including raising funds for transportation for the children to get to school, book bags and supplies. We also aim to promote unity and harmony amongst the citizens of Billy’s Bay and the wider Treasure Beach. We aim to engage our youth in productive activity and to work assiduously to make a positive impact and improve the standard of living of the citizens here in Billy’s Bay.

Contact Info:

President: Karen Parchment

[email protected]


The Treasure Beach Turtle Group

Treasure Beach Destination Management Organization


The Sandy Bank Primary School

Treasure Beach’s local primary school had an enrollment last year of 230 students, ranging in age from 6 to 12, and employed six teachers.

Clubs/Extracurricular activities:

– Football
– Cricket
– 4H
– Environmental
– Junior Challenge Quiz
– Debating

Current Projects:

– building a perimeter wall
– Starting a vegetable and chicken farm
– Paint the school
– Looking to build an overhead shelter so they are protected from rain when going from one classroom       to another


– school supplies (i.e.: paper, pencils, rulers, etc.)
– educational aids (i.e.: posters, maps, models, books for the library, white board markers,  etc.)

It is possible to sponsor a child’s school expenses at a cost of US$750 per year.

Contact Info:

Principal: Opal Smith-Alexander

[email protected]


The Sandy Bank Basic School

Treasure Beach’s local basic school had an enrollment last year of 46 students, ranging in age from 3 to 5, and employed five teachers.

Current projects:

– Starting a library/learning centre
– Tiling floors


– school supplies (i.e.: paper, pencils, rulers, glue, finger paint, etc.)
– educational aids (i.e.: posters, maps, models, laptop computers, educational DVD’s etc.)

It is possible to sponsor a child’s school expenses at a cost of US$650 per year.

The Salvation Army School

Located in Great Bay this privately funded basic school had an enrollment last year of 17 students, ranging in age from 3 to 6, and employed two teachers.

Current projects:

– Improved school sanitation system and add new toilets


– school supplies (i.e.: paper, pencils, rulers, etc.)
– educational aids (i.e.: posters, maps, models, etc.)

It is possible to sponsor a child’s school expenses at a cost of US$250 per year.

Contact Info:

Principal: Carine Wong

[email protected]


Little Fish Basic School

Treasure Beach’s local privately funded basic school had an enrollment last year of 26 students, ranging in age from 2 to 5, and employed three teachers.

Current projects:

– Fencing around school yard
– Improving school sanitation system


– school supplies (i.e.: paper, pencils, rulers, etc.)
– educational aids (i.e.: posters, maps, models, sleeping mats, standing fans,  etc.)

It is possible to sponsor a child’s school expenses at a cost of US$600 per year.

Contact Info:

Principal: Ms. Hiopher (Auntie Tatty) Gayle

[email protected]


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