Corona Virus (COVID19) and our Community

Coronavirus and Our Community

Good afternoon fellow Treasure Beach Community.  I don’t think any of us could have predicted that this is where we would be today.  But here is where we are.  And just like we have done many times in the past during hurricanes, political upheavals, terrorist attacks, recessions, floods and droughts we as a community will remain strong and see this through together.

To that end the Treasure Beach Destination Management Organisation (TB DMO) would like to offer some suggestions of how we can best help each other during this tumultuous time.

  • The first and foremost thing we can do is all the recommended things to limit the spread as advised by the Ministry of Health and WHO – “Tan a yu yaad”! The best advice given is to assume you are infected.  That will change your behavior towards others as you love your family, friends and neighbors and you would never want to infect any of them.  If you need to go out practice physical distancing (3-6 feet from other people) and careful what you touch.  Make sure you sanitize before and after you perform whatever transaction you went on the road to do.  Remember if you are infected every door handle, countertop, etc. you touch and then someone following you touches they risk being infected.  THIS IS THE SINGLE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY WE CAN PROTECT OUR FAMILY AND COMMUNITY.


  • Check on those who are in the high risk category. If you have a family member, friend or neighbor who may be elderly, has asthma, diabetes, or any other issues that would put them at high risk see if you can go to the store for them to pick up grocery items, medications, or anything they may need. Remember, keep your distance (no hugging or shaking hands) in order to keep them safe. You can stand on the stoop and talk from a safe distance, or telephone, send WhatsApp or text messages.  When delivering the items, remember to keep your distance – leave them at the door or on the verandah.  They can leave the money on the verandah for you to pick up as well.  If you are not able to run those errands for them let us know and we can organize someone to assist.


  • As so many in this community are involved in tourism many are now finding themselves suddenly without an income. If you are in a position where you might be able to employee someone even for a day, please reach out to them.  Even if you may find you have the time to do the job yourself by giving someone $3,500 for a day to mow your lawn, bush out the yard, paint a room in your house or whatever know that money can go a far way in feeding a family for a week.  Of course, always practice social distancing and sanitizing practices.

We look forward to you sharing your suggestions to this list.  What are your ideas of how to help our community at this time?

One of our directors who was born in Treasure Beach said, “This is the time to examine and adjust our lifestyles.  Go back into our roots.  Instead of automatically getting into your car to drive somewhere, walk or ride a bicycle.  We are a resourceful people.  Use that knowledge.”   We are so blessed to live in this community.  We can practice social distancing and still go to the beach, go fishing, walk down the road and hail up our neighbors sitting on their verandahs.  Look how much farming is done right in our own community assuring us we will still be able to access fresh fruits and vegetables.

Every trial we have faced in the past our community has faced it together and come out stronger.  This, too, shall pass and when it does we will look back remember the kindnesses shown to each other, the cohesiveness, strength and pride we know defines Treasure Beach.

Wishing for us all good health, peace and One Love